Agro Intermediates

Technical & Formulation

We are one of the leading producer of CHLORAL, an intermediate widely used in manufacturing of pesticide called DDVP(Dichlorovos). It is also used in manufacturing & specialty chemicals.

Our installed capacity of choral is 3600 M.T. Per annum. We also produce 1440 M.T. of Ethyl Chloride (CHLORO ETHENE). We can handle chlorination and esterification in this plant.

The Company has set up a GMP plant for its formulation having installed capacity of 5000KL per annum with semi-automatic filling machine and induction sealing machines. It has capacity to pack from 100 ml to 20 liter of different variety of packs likes pet bottles, aluminum container etc.

Sr No. Product Name CAS Number Specification View Print
1 Chloral (Trichloroacetaldehyde) 75-86-6
2 Metaphenoxy Benzaldehyde 39515-51-0
3 Metaphenoxy Benzyl alcohol 13826--35-2
4 Cypermethrin Technical 52315-07-8
5 Alpha Cypermethrine Technical 67375-30-8
6 Deltamethrin Technical 52918-63-5
7 Lambda Cyhalothrine 91465-08-6
8 Mancozeb Technical 8018-01-7
9 Malathion Technical 121-75-5
10 Permethrin Technical 52645-53-1
11 5- Chloro - 8 - Hydroxyquinoline 130-16-5
12 Pendimethalin Technical 40487-42-1