Wanksons management depicts integrity with utmost confidentiality to client's intellectual property. With the focus and zest to partner the manufacturing industry with quality reliability & consistency,
A partner who is completely dedicated to custom manufacture clients product.
Clients can improve flexibility and speed to market by focusing on their resources and core competencies.
Team of professionals dedicated to the success of client project.
Leading process development and manufacturing technologies.
Clients can avoid risky capital investments and eliminate long lead times to build, validate a new manufacturing facility.
  The company is largest producer of meta chloropropiophenone (an intermediate of Bupiprion HCL) having installed capacity of 150 M.T. per annum.

The company has very large continuous distillation facility to distill the spent solvent like N-Butanol, ISO Propyl Alcohol,
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  We are one of the leading producer of CHLORAL, an intermediate widely used in manufacturing of pesticide called DDVP(Dichlorovos). It is also used in manufacturing and specialty chemicals.

Our installed capacity of choral is 3600 M.T. Per annum. We also produce 1440

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